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Path-tracing Monte Carlo Library for 3D Radiative Transfer in Highly Resolved Cloudy Atmospheres.


Addressing nonlinearities in Monte Carlo


Functional data analysis applied to the multi-spectral correlated–k distribution model


Monte Carlo efficiency improvement by multiple sampling of conditioned integration variables

kspectrum : an open-source code for high-resolution molecular absorption spectra production

Radiative, conductive and convective heat-transfers in a single Monte Carlo algorithm


Validation of a Monte Carlo Integral Formulation Applied to Solar Facility Simulations and Use of Sensitivities

Radiative transfer and spectroscopic databases: A line-sampling Monte Carlo approach

Analysis of the radiative budget of Venus atmosphere based on infrared Net Exchange Rate formalism: An Analysis of Venus Radiative Budget

The EChO science case


Gauss Quadratures – the Keystone of Lattice Boltzmann Models

Rayonnement des gaz : des spectres de raies aux modèles approchés

Habitable Zones Around Main-Sequence Stars: Dependence on Planetary Mass


Null collision meshless Monte Carlo –Application to the validation of fast radiative transfer solvers embedded in combustion simulators

The practice of recent radiative transfer Monte Carlo Advances and its contribution to the field of microorganisms cultivation in photobioreactors

Integral formulation of null-collision Monte Carlo algorithms

Null collision Monte-Carlo algorithms: a meshless technique to deal with radiative problems in heterogeneous media

Monte Carlo advances and concentrated solar applications

Habitable zones around main-sequence stars: new estimates


Hybrid CPU/GPU KD-Tree construction for versatile ray tracing

Application of Monte-Carlo sensitivities estimation in Solfast-4D

SOLFAST, a Ray-Tracing Monte-Carlo software for solar concentrating facilities


Modeling the phase curve of hot rocky planets with 3D climate models

Modelling past Mars Climates and water cycle with a thicker CO2 atmosphere


About Stability of a Vapour Jet Condensing in a Micro Channel

Boltzmann Models for Out-of-Equilibrium Thermal Flows : Toward an Accurate Simulation of the Distribution Function Itself

Infrared collision-induced and far-line absorption in dense CO2 atmospheres

Habitability on the Outer Edge: Three-dimensional Climate Modeling of Early Mars and Gliese 581d

Gliese 581d Habitable with a CO2-rich atmosphere: Results from Numerical Climate Simulations

3D Modeling Of The Early Martian Climate And Water Cycle

Superrotation of Venus’ atmosphere analysed with a full General Circulation Model

Is Gliese 581 d habitable? Some constraints from radiative-convective climate modeling. Astron Astrophys. A22

Three-Dimensional Modelling of the Early Martian Climate and Water Cycle


Soft Textured Shadow Volume

Real-Time Hierarchical Binary-Scene Voxelization

Numerical study of convective flow with condensation of a pure fluid in capillary regime

Net-Exchange parameterization of infrared radiative transfers in Venus’ atmosphere

Net-exchange analysis of the Earth greenhouse effect increase

The Role of Thermal Tides in Venus Super-rotation


Accurate Shadows by Depth Complexity Sampling

Lattice Boltzmann method for colloidal dispersions with phase change

Parametric study of radiative heat transfer in participating gas–solid flows


Rendu temps réel de fonction de textures bidirectionnelles

Analysis of Venus atmospheric dynamics with the LMD Venus general circulation model


Realistic soft shadows by penumbra-wedges blending

Simulations of the Dynamics of Venus’ Atmosphere with the LMD Venus General Circulation Model

An Infrared Radiative Transfer Parameterization For A Venus General Circulation Model

Super-rotation simulated with the new LMD Venus General Circulation Model


Energy-Conserving Lattice Boltzmann Thermal Model in Two Dimensions

Lattice Boltzmann Method for Thermal Fluid Flows

A new Venus General Circulation Model, in the context of the Venus-Express mission

A boundary-based net-exchange Monte Carlo method for absorbing and scattering thick media


Longwave radiative analysis of cloudy scattering atmospheres using a Net Exchange Formulation

Applications of sensitivity estimations by Monte-Carlo methods


Longwave radiative exchange analysis of cloudy atmospheres with a net exchange formulation

A Monte Carlo Method for radiative transfer parametrization in terrestrial GCM


A net-exchange Monte Carlo approach to radiation in optically thick systems

Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Soot Aggregation on the Radiative Properties in the Infrared Region and Radiative Heat Transfer


MaRS, a Combinator Graph Reduction Multiprocessor


MaRs: a parallel graph reduction multiprocessor