A new type of organisation

The dreadful “Death Valley” is known as a sensitive step within the technological cycle: it is identified to levels 4 to 6 along the Technology Readiness Level scale. This zone lies between the laboratory proof-of-concept state and mass-market production. This situation has been clearly identified by public authorities that created various organisms in order to help crossing the corresponding financial and legal gaps. However, we at Meso-Star think this does not provide any answer when it comes to identify who should take in charge the technical aspects.

In order to provide some insights, Meso-Star and the LAPLACE laboratory propose a innovative organization: long-term immersion of Meso-Star engineers in the research lab, end-to-end technical support by Meso-Star teams, while laboratory researchers are continuously fed by industrial concerns.

A complete offer to handle complexity

Meso-Star is targeting R&D engineers, senior officers, researchers and decision-makers that have to understand, design or optimize complex systems. Meso-Star provides a wide range of technical offer:

  • Study, consulting and audit,
  • Training and support,
  • Design and production of technical and scientific software,
  • Participation in R&D projects.