Understanding complex systems

Projects & codes

At |Méso|Star> we develop software that simulates complex systems, i.e. systems dealing with complex data sets and high phenomenological complexity (infinite dimension, non linearities, coupled phenomenons, etc.).

The proposed libraries and programs are jointly developed with the physics laboratories behind the theoretical advances on which they are based on. Both physicists and computer scientists worked on and with the developed codes. They are also the ones doing the technical and scientific support and writting the documentation. When you need help, you are in touch with to the right person.

Following the "do one thing, and do it well" paradigm, each code is custom-made for its specific purpose only: it exposes a straight interface to its core functionalities, performs the task it was designed for and nothing else. It makes no assumption on input data creation or the post-treatment of its outputs. This makes the software not only simple and powerful but also well suited to be extended and integrated into any existing workflow.

Our codes are free software released under copyleft licences. You can freely study, modify and extend them. You are also welcome to redistribute them under certain conditions. Refer to the associated licence for details.

This site lists several of our realisations. You can find more about them onto their dedicated sections. If you have any question or need support, please contact us.