Star-2D Manage 2D geometries

Star-2D 0.3 is available

The Star-2D library implements the functionalities provided by Star-3D for 2D shapes represented by a list of segments. It is actually the counterpart of Star-3D for 2D geometries. Its main targets are programmers that have to deal with complex 2D environments.

The Star-2D API is roughly the same of the Star-3D one. It provides uniform sampling and ray-tracing operators while still relying on Intel(R) Rendering Framework: Embree to ensure high ray-tracing efficiency.

It also supports multiple scene views. Each view stores the current data of a scene that can be then sampled and ray-traced. A view is insensitive to scene updates following its creation. This means that several views can store different state of a same scene, giving to the caller a great flexibility to manage its geometric data.

Release notes

Version 0.3

Version 0.2

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