Kdistribution Production of k-distribution data sets

Download Kdistribution 1.1.1

Kdistribution computes k-distribution data sets from high-resolution spectra that have been produced by Kspectrum. The user should specify some basic information to the code by editing the options.in and data.in input files:

Before using the code, the user should create a link named hires_spectra within the /data directory; this link should be pointing to the directory that contains the high-resolution spectra produced by Kspectrum for a given atmospheric profile, as well as the composition.in file used by Kspectrum. The data directory should also contain a file named narrowbands.in used to describe the spectral intervals over which the k-distribution data set should be computed. This file has to use the same format as the narrowbands.in Kspectrum input data file. However, the narrowbands.in file used by Kdistribution does not necessarily have to be identical to the file used by Kspectrum.


You will have to download both the .tgz file and the installation script, and place both files in the same directory. Then run the installation script. This will mainly uncompress the archive.

Prerequisites: all you need is a fortran compiler. The gfortran compiler is used for development, but compilation should also work with other fortran compilers (ifort, pgfortran, etc.).

Then you can try to compile Kdistribution: go to the main Kdistribution directory, then use the make all command to compile. The most common sources of failure can be fixed by editing the Makefile file in order to check compilation options (and more specifically options related to the target architecture and optimisations). Whenever you modify a source file, you can re-compile using the make all command. But in the case you have to modify a include file, you will have to erase all existing object files first using the make clean command, before recompiling from scratch using the make all command again.


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Kdistribution is free software released under the CeCILL v2.1 license. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; refer to the license for details.