High-Tune: Starter Pack

High-Tune: Starter Pack 0.1.1

The High-Tune: Starter Pack contains input data necessary to perform renderings with htrdr. It also provides bash scripts that make easier the invocation of the htrdr program and the description of the scene to render.


Atmospheric profile

Images of the DZVAR, DZVAR2, L12km_BOMEX and L25_Fire scenes rendered with htrdr.

The ecrad_opt_prop.txt file defines the gas optical properties provided for the pressure and temperature atmospheric vertical profile. These data were generated with the ECRAD software and are saved according to the High-Tune: Gas Optical Properties file format.


The files contained in the clouds subdirectory contains htcp files defining the liquid water content in suspension within clouds. These fields are generated from idealized Large Eddy Simulations computed by the French hydrostatic research model, MesoNH (Lafore et al 1998, Lac et al 2018), with flat surfaces and prescribed large-scale forcings. Available files are:

Water droplets properties

The Mie_LUT_Cloud.nc stores the spectro-angular tabulation of water droplets optical properties computed using the Mishchenko et al. (2002) implementation of the Lorenz-Mie solution for light scattering by homogeneous spherical particles. The monodisperse solution was integrated over a log-normal droplet size distribution of mean 10 micrometers and standard deviation 1 micrometer. This NetCDF file is formatted according to the High-Tune: Mie file format.

Ground geometries

The models subdirectory contains ground geometries saved in the OBJ file format. Available geometries are:

Scene description

The scenes subdirectory stores bash scripts describing scenes from the aforementioned data (atmosphere, clouds, etc.) and how to render them (image definition, point of view, etc.). These files are actually input files for the ht-run.sh script.

Run script

The ht-run.sh bash script builds and runs a htrdr command line from a scene file submitted as input.

Install and run

Download the High-Tune: Starter-Pack archive and verify its integrity against its PGP signature. Then extract it. Assuming that htrdr is installed and registered in the current shell, one can invoke a htrdr rendering as bellow:

$ cd ~/High-Tune-Starter-Pack-0.1.1
~/High-Tune-Starter-Pack-0.1.1 $ bash ht-run.sh scenes/DZVAR2

With ~/High-Tune-Starter-Pack-0.1.1 the directory where the Starter Pack is installed. The resulting image DZVAR2_1280x720x128.txt is stored in the htrdr-image file format. Use the htpp program to convert it in a regular PPM file that can be then displayed with a regular image viewer.

~/High-Tune-Starter-Pack-0.1.1 $ htpp -o DZVAR2.ppm DZVAR2_1280x720x128.txt


High-Tune: Starter Pack is released under the GPLv3+ license: GNU GPL version 3 or later. You can freely study, modify or extend it. You are also welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; refer to the license for details.