The Stardis consortium

The Stardis consortium is intended for engineers and researchers who are willing to be fully autonomous when using Stardis; this includes:

The free license of the Stardis environment already grants its users the right to freely run the software, study its behavior, modify its source code or redistribute it. In addition, the consortium provides its members with long-term training, in direct contact with the Stardis development team. Consortium members are also invited to take an active role in the scientific and technical management of the project.

All consortium members sit at the consortium committee. This committee is gathered once a year, reviews achievements and the allocation of resources for the past year. Its function is also to debate orientation and development choices for the future.

From an administrative point of view, the Stardis consortium is not a legal structure; it is a service offer proposed by |Méso|Star>. Joining the consortium simply comes down to subscribing to this service offer.

Annual rates

The cost of joining the consortium depends on the size and type of member organization, and the length of subscription.

1 year 2 years 3 years
Large or medium-sized entreprises 20 k€ 36 k€ 48 k€
Small enterprises 5 k€ 9 k€ 12 k€
Non-profit research institutes 5 k€ 9 k€ 12 k€
Micro Entreprises 2 k€ 3.6 k€ 4.8 k€

We invite you to contact us to receive a copy of the contract that formalizes the service and details the functioning of the consortium.

List of consortium members